The Ultimate Guide For Student End of Tenancy cleaning (2021). 

Whether you have just finished exams and are set to graduate or you are looking to move to a new property. Cleaning your property is one of the last things you will have on your mind.

Ensuring you leave your property in the same condition or if you really love your landlord a better condition is of the utmost importance. If your property is not cleaned to a high standard you may have some money deducted from your deposit.

We do not want any student to be caught out so we have created a guide for you to be able to nail your end of tenancy cleaning.


The kitchen is a room that has probably seen the most mess, empty beer cans and take away stains plague most uni student kitchens. If you are going to start your end of tenancy cleaning this is the best place to start.

Start by purchasing some disinfectant kitchen sprays to tackle stubborn stains. The sinks and taps will need to be thoroughly cleaned to get them back to their former shiny glory. To get rid of any limescale, you can soak a cloth in vinegar and secure it around the taps for about an hour to help remove the limescale.

Have you also noticed your kitchen sink takes a little longer to drain? You may need to purchase some unblocker to ensure the drains are left clean. Vinegar and baking soda can also be used if you do not have any drain unblocker plus it’s safer for the planet. Once the drains are done you can focus on wiping down all the external surfaces in your kitchen. Table tops, counters, fridges, white goods etc.

And when the externals are done, it’s time to focus on the interiors. Make sure you remove any food in the cupboards, you do not want to surprise the new tenants with mouldy food. Wipe down the insides of the cupboards and fridge with a store bought cleaning agent, making sure to remove any stains or spills. Then move on to the oven, using an oven cleaning solution to remove those tough grease stains. Don’t forget to check the tiles and grill for grease too.

Cleaning Bedroom/s

Now depending on if you have flatmates this will require everyone in the house to put the same effort in. If one person leaves their room messy it can mean the rest of the house can still get their deposit deducted.

All the floors must be vacuumed and all the surfaces need to be wiped including interior and exterior surfaces. Uni students are known for sticking up posters and photos with blu-tack, so any remnants need to be removed. However, you must take care not to forcefully remove any blu-tack as you can peel off paint. At this point you will also have to add repainting the room on your list of chores. Lastly, to leave the room smelling fresh, open the windows to get some air circulation and use an odour abolishing spray to give the room a fresh and clean scent.

Cleaning Bathroom

The best place to start here is the dreaded toilet bowl, start spreading some bleach around the bowl and let it sit for about ten minutes. Use a toilet scrub and then flush the residue away. The bath needs to be wiped down to leave it sparkling white. Your old shampoo and soap bottles must all be disposed of. Ensure the mirror and any windows are thoroughly cleaned. Finish off by mopping the floors and disposing of any bins.

Cleaning living room

Remove any furniture that did not come with the property. Vacuum the sofas and polish any wooden surfaces. Vacuum the floor, making sure to get into the corners so that no dirt is left behind. Dust the whole room and air it out by opening up the windows for at least an hour.

We have also spoken with one our cleaners for any other tips they recommend for students who are leaving their properties:

“One of the biggest mistakes students make is ignoring the fine details, this is where landlords can take some of your deposit” - Aaron Bullet (Cleaning Manager)

If you are looking for affordable and trusted cleaners to ensure your property is left in excellent conditions. Please fill the form below and one of our staff will provide you with an end of tenancy cleaning quote.